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Perfluorinated Compounds NOT in MWA Water

There have been numerous news stories from around the country about perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) being found in drinking water. PFCs are a large group of environmentally persistent manufactured chemicals used in industrial applications, certain types of firefighting foams, and some consumer products. PFCs are very stable, slow to break down in the environment, and can lead to potential adverse health effects. MWA customers can be assured that their drinking water is safe. Testing required by EPA of our drinking water found that these substances were not detected. MWA water sources – the Ocmulgee River and our own Javors Lucas Lake – do not have any industrial or other sources that could cause PFC contamination, such as those that have occurred in other places in the country. Furthermore, the MWA’s water treatment process removes contaminants with a filtration process that uses granular activated carbon (GAC), which the U.S. EPA has found is effective in removing PFCs and other contaminants, even if there were present. Providing clean, safe drinking water is among the core values of the MWA, and we will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect public health as your water provider.

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