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Daily Watering OK, But Please Water Wisely

Aug 4, 2021 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.


Daily Outdoor Watering Is Allowed This Summer

While MWA customers can enjoy daily outdoor watering this summer, we encourage you to use water wisely.

According to the statewide outdoor watering schedule established by Georgia EPD, which is subject to change, MWA customers can water outdoor landscapes every day before 10:00 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m., which are the best times of the day to water anyway, to avoid excessive evaporation when temperatures are at their hottest.

Thanks to proper long-range planning and efficient water treatment and operations, the Authority has a healthy supply of raw water in Javors Lucas Lake, as well as capacity at the Amerson Water Treatment Plant, where America’s Best Tasting Drinking Water is produced and distributed to more than 55,000 customer accounts.

For the complete rules on outdoor water use, refer to the Georgia EPD website and its outdoor water use rules and schedule at

Water Efficiency Improves with Irrigation Meters

If you are one of our MWA customers who enjoys outdoor watering for your lawn and landscape, you may want to take advantage of wise water use through a more efficient and cost-effective irrigation meter.

MWA customers who add an irrigation meter to their account pay only the tap fee and not the meter fee for installation, which results in half the startup cost of a traditional tap and set fee.

Customers with irrigation meters also don’t pay a sewer base fee or sewer consumption charges on that irrigation meter. Sewer charges are calculated only on the water used through a traditional residential meter, so MWA irrigation meters are designed specifically for residents seeking to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of their overall water consumption, especially when it includes additional outdoor watering.

For more information on how to apply for the advantages of an irrigation meter, please contact our Customer Care Representatives at 478-464-5600.

You can indoor and outdoor water conservation and wise water use tips on this website through the “Learn More” link below.

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