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Is My Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Aug 11, 2021 by Lisa Golphin


The MWA Water Quality Report provides lab data that provides evidence that the utility's tap water meets or exceeds all industry standards for drinking water safety.

While the past 15 months have created a lot of uncertainty, one thing customers of the Macon Water Authority (MWA) can be certain of is that their tap water is safe to drink, according to the recently published results of the utility’s annual Water Quality Report.

The challenges of the pandemic did not deter the Authority’s 250 employees from producing the highest quality drinking water possible this past year, as the empirical, scientific water quality data included in the MWA Water Quality Report will attest. This past calendar year, the MWA met or exceeded all drinking water quality standards the utility is required to monitor according to state and federal regulations for tap water safety.

The 2020 MWA Water Quality Report, which is also referred to as a Consumer Confidence Report within industry circles, is available to the public on this website at It provides MWA customers and other consumers of the utility’s tap water with insights on: “What is in my drinking water and why?” Water Quality Reports must be published annually by public water systems such as the MWA, so consumers can make informed public health choices about tap water consumption.

The MWA continually monitors its water quality at all points of the drinking water production and distribution process – taking samples for laboratory tests of the water quality in Javors Lucas Lake, during treatment at the Amerson Water Plant, and throughout the utility’s distribution system that reaches more than 55,000 customer accounts.

The water quality data included in this most recent MWA Water Quality Report examines the permitted levels of potential contaminants that are categorized as either inorganic, organic, micro-biological, or as the result of disinfectants or disinfectant by-products from the treatment process.
This most recent report includes water quality data from the 2020 calendar year, as the Authority conducts nearly 10 times the amount of tests required by regulatory agencies, to assure customers are consuming the safest, cleanest tap water possible.

“Even with changes to our work schedule and available personnel during the pandemic, our staff continued to be dedicated to monitoring for water quality to make sure our tap water was safe for public consumption,” says Gary McCoy, MWA Director of Water Treatment. “All of our lab results are verified by state regulatory officials from Georgia EPD, and we were at no point in violation of drinking water quality standards regarding the levels of potential contaminants in our tap water. The results of the Report provide our customers with the scientific evidence that we are providing them with the highest quality tap water possible.”

Water Quality Reports became a regulatory requirement of public water utilities such as the MWA following the 1996 Amendments by Congress to the Safe Drinking Water Act, which were designed to increase the public’s “right to know” about the nature of their drinking water.

In addition to the results of the 2021 MWA Water Quality Report being available on this website at, citizens can receive a printed hard copy at the MWA’s Second Street Headquarters Building or through the mail, upon request.

For more information about the 2021 MWA Water Quality Report, citizens can contact the Authority’s Gary McCoy at 478-464-5653 or at

Media contact:
Lisa Golphin
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