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MWA offers Consumer Confidence Report

Jun 25, 2013 by Dr. Chris Wood


The Macon Water Authority has released its annual Consumer Confidence Report, which is available on this Web site as well as at the Second Street headquarters building upon request.

Report reveals no violations of water quality standards for substances in drinking water during 2012

The results of a year’s worth of water quality lab data have been collected and published in the Macon Water Authority’s (MWA) Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), which reveals no violations of water quality standards during the calendar year 2012.

However, within the 2012 CCR, the Authority disclosed a minor violation for not monitoring for chlorine dioxide and chlorite on Jan. 8, 2013, even though this oversight falls within the 2013 calendar year and thus was not required until next year’s CCR. This violation did not necessitate further action by the Authority or its customers, nor pose any threat to public health, according to Authority officials.

Furthermore, as a result of a change in the rules and regulations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning the publication and distribution of the annual Consumer Confidence Reports, the MWA is replacing its direct mailing of this annual water quality report with electronic delivery. The newly approved digital distribution method for the CCR begins with this year’s (2012) Report, while notification and electronic delivery – posting on the Authority’s Web site – of the CCR will be the norm from now on, unless further regulatory changes are implemented by EPA.

Thanks to this new means of regulatory compliance via electronic delivery of the CCR, MWA officials are able to forego the printing and insertion costs that come with directly mailing more than 50,000 documents to all Authority customers. Instead, the Authority provides a direct link to the annual Consumer Confidence Report at However, the Authority will have a select number of printed reports available for customers upon request.

Consumer Confidence Reports – or water quality reports as they are sometimes referred – are produced annually by water systems to inform customers of “what is in their drinking water and why.” The Reports became a regulatory requirement of public water utilities following the 1996 Amendments by Congress to the Safe Drinking Water Act, in an effort to increase the public’s “right-to-know” about the nature of their drinking water.

The overall intent of annual Consumer Confidence Reports is to provide consumers with local water quality information that allows them to make informed public health choices, in addition to increasing dialogue between community water systems and their customers. Some key information required in these annual Reports include: a system overview, featuring the sources of raw water used for drinking water production, as well as data on detected substances that are potential contaminants, compliance with regulations, and additional information on opportunities for public involvement in protecting water quality.

Rather than receiving a hard copy of the Consumer Confidence Report by way of an insert within their June MWA bill, as had been the norm in the past, MWA customers can review the document on this Web site ( any time after the July 1 posting deadline.

For more information on this year’s MWA Consumer Confidence Report – which contains water quality lab data and public information from the 2012 calendar year – MWA customers and citizens can contact the Authority (Amerson Water Treatment Plant) at 478-464-5656, or MWA Director of Water Treatment Gary McCoy at 478-464-5653 or

Media contact:
Chris Wood, Ph.D.
770-757-1681 (phone) (email)

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