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MWA pump station receiving an upgrade to increase capacity, efficiency

Nov 7, 2011 by Dr. Chris Wood


The MWA “Allen Road II Lift Station and Force Main” project involves the installation of a 24-inch force main underneath a wetland that is nearly a mile wide, without disturbing that natural resource during construction.

The Macon Water Authority (MWA) is installing a new pumping station and force main upgrade at its existing Allen Road I pump station site, located just northeast of the entrance to the Sofkee Industrial Park on Highway 247. The current construction project – titled the “Allen Road II Lift Station and Force Main” – will provide a much needed pumping capacity upgrade/expansion for this area and will relieve the pressure on the current Allen Road I station.

The current rehab and construction project consists of the addition of two 150 horsepower pumps, a new electrical building, and a new pipeline to transport sewage to the Rocky Creek Water Reclamation Facility. The new pump station (Allen Road II) will share the wastewater conveyance load with the existing station (Allen Road I), will provide full redundancy in the event of a shutdown of the older pump station, and will increase the available pumping capacity at the Allen Road site two fold.

The Allen Road project also involves the challenging installation of a new sewage pipeline – a 24” diameter force main – across a wetland that is nearly a mile wide, with three creek or stream crossings, including Rocky Creek. In an effort to minimize the environmental impact of the project, the MWA is utilizing a trenchless technology called “horizontal directional drilling.” This innovation allows the contractor to drill the pipeline beneath the earth’s surface, as much as 60-feet deep along the way, starting on one edge of the wetland and coming out of the ground 4,300 feet away on the other side of the wetland. In doing so, the MWA expects no construction disturbance on the wetland and streams in the path of the force main installation, between its entrance and exit points.

“This project is an example of how we attempt to be environmentally sensitive and responsible stewards of our natural resources, while providing the excellent sewer collection and treatment services that our customers have come to expect,” says Tony Rojas. “We have the capacity to support quality growth and economic development in our community, but we don’t have to threaten our natural resources in order to do so.”

Media contact:
Chris Wood, Ph.D.
P: 770-757-1681

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