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What's in your Drinking Water and Why

Jun 24, 2019 by Chris Wood, Ph.D.


The 2019 Water Quality Report provides laboratory data collected during the 2018 calendar that shows the MWA met or exceeded all regulatory requirements for water quality and safety.

Reflecting its mission to provide quality water and sewer services for the customers and communities it serves, the Macon Water Authority (MWA) has released its annual Water Quality Report, providing data and empirical evidence of the high quality water the utility produces for more than 50,000 customer accounts daily – drinking water that met or exceeded all regulatory requirements during this past calendar year.

The 2019 MWA Water Quality Report – also referred to as the annual Consumer Confidence Report – is published to provide the Authority’s water customers with an explanation of what is in their tap water and why, so this information can allow them to make informed public health choices.

“This year’s Water Quality Report documents that we had no violations of drinking water quality standards or incidents of regulatory non-compliance,” says Gary McCoy, MWA Director of Water Operations, who oversees the operations and the treatment of water examined in the report. “We have very accomplished water professionals working at the Macon Water Authority who make this possible. They are behind the scenes, but they make sure that we produce the cleanest and safest drinking water possible.”

The positive results of the Macon Water Quality Report also come on the heels of EPD finding no deficiencies in its annual sanitary survey of the MWA, or a complete review of the MWA water system, which was conducted last year. In addition, the MWA is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of being selected by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) as producers of the “Best Tasting Drinking Water in North America.”

The data presented in the 2019 Water Quality Report was collected by the MWA and verified by Georgia EPD during the 2018 calendar year. These results show that MWA’s drinking water met all regulatory limits for detected levels of potential contaminants, whether inorganic, organic, or micro-biological, or as the result of disinfectants or disinfectant by-products.

As a result, the MWA again achieved its goal of complete compliance for drinking water quality and safety standards, as well as treatment methods, with no incidents of non-compliance or violations, according to the data collected from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2018.

With drinking water safety among its list of core values, MWA water professionals proactively exceed the regulatory requirements for water quality testing annually. Georgia EPD requires a certain number of samples to be collected and tested throughout the system, but the award-winning water quality laboratory at the Frank C. Amerson, Jr. Water Treatment Plant – a five-time Plant of the Year in Georgia – conducts nearly 10 times that required amount. Various water quality indicators are obtained from samples taken continuously at the water source (Javors Lucas Lake and the Ocmulgee River), at the Amerson Plant, and throughout the distribution system.

Consumer Confidence Reports, or Water Quality Reports, became a regulatory requirement of public water utilities following the 1996 Amendments by Congress to the Safe Drinking Water Act, to increase the public’s “right-to-know” about the nature of their drinking water.

The 2019 MWA Water Quality Report is available to the public at the “Learn More” link below (, while a printed hard copy can be obtained at the Authority’s Second Street Headquarters upon request.

For more information about the 2019 MWA Water Quality Report, consumers can contact Gary McCoy at 478-464-5653, or

Media contact:
Chris Wood, Ph.D.
Phone: 770-757-1681

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