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What is Impervious Surface?


Impervious Surface is defined as that area on a piece of property that does not allow rainfall or stormwater to pass through. Thus, Impervious Surface is a critical factor in determining the impact of residential, commercial and industrial developments and properties on stormwater program managem...

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MWA Executive Director Candidates


After an extensive and rigorous search process, with the help of an outside executive search firm’s expertise, the Macon Water Authority (MWA) Board of Directors is one step closer to filling the position of Executive Director of the Macon Water Authority. The MWA Board has narrowed its final sel...

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Imagine A Day Without Water 2021


Can you imagine no water to drink, or wash your hands with? Imagine having no water to shower, flush the toilet, do your laundry, or cook your meals! Hospitals would have to close, firefighters couldn’t fight fires, and farmers couldn’t water their crops. Not to mention, the current pandemic woul...

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Fishing Season Opens at Lucas Lake


*With the COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacting social activities in Macon-Bibb County throughout this past year, the public can take some comfort in knowing that the Macon Water Authority (MWA) will continue to offer a safe and socially distanced opportunity for outdoor recreation. The MWA has kic...

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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?


Have you made preparations to protect your home and family members in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster? Don’t overlook the importance of having a Family Emergency Plan and Basic Ready Kit at your disposal. The key components of a Family Emergency Plan include: • Contact infor...

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