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GIS Technician


Job Summary: This position is responsible for meeting the daily GIS requirements of the Macon Water Authority (MWA). The GIS Technician compiles reports, performs GIS data analysis, creates/inputs/converts data, and maintains GIS equipment. In addition, this position manages and maintains the Cityworks Asset Maintenance and Work Management System. This position works closely with all MWA personnel in adherence with the duties of Cityworks administrator. This includes maintenance of the Cityworks database, the Cityworks server, the Cityworks map and all Cityworks Desktop applications.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: • Uses the ESRI product line of ArcGIS software applications to create, convert, integrate, and maintain digital spatial (map) data layers into the MWA GIS database. • Generates hardcopy maps and other cartographic presentation products using the ArcGIS software suite. • Performs digital spatial analyses on data from the MWA GIS database to aid in decision-making for Engineering and the other MWA departments. • Uses GPS in the field to map, inventory, and quality control facilities, utilities, and other infrastructure layers. • Trains MWA employees in the use of GPS equipment for data collection and field research. • Maintains GIS data dictionaries and metadata documents for compliance with MWA mapping standards. • Coordinates with City of Macon and Bibb County employees on data sharing and overall GIS management. • Manages and Maintains the MWA’s Asset Maintenance and Work Management System including all databases, servers, maps, and interfaces to insure continuation of work. • Creates reports and performs analyses on data from the Asset Maintenance and Work Management System • Coordinates with MWA staff at all levels to develop and maintain workflow processes, standards, and criteria • Troubleshoot and perform User Support for all MWA employees using GIS and the Asset Maintenance and Work Management System • Designs, implements and maintains interfaces between the various systems at the MWA • Designs, implements, and manages major projects that relate to GIS and Asset Maintenance and Management by coordinating with outside contractors as well as internal staff on data collection, validation, and integration • Trains MWA staff in the use of Cityworks server and desktop applications • Designs, records, and produces training documents for classes and develops systems for continuing education of new and existing employees in both GIS and Cityworks • Communicate professionally with vendors, contractors, and consultants • Oversees and coordinates GIS interns/students • Provides project development, management, support

Qualifications: • The GIS Technician should possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in the GIS, Geography, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology or related fields; or five years combined experience and/or training. This position requires advanced computer application skills. The GIS Technician must have a valid Georgia Driver’s License and a clean driving record. • Ability to analyze, query and display spatially-referenced and associated digital data in both secular and organized database formats. Ability to apply simple mathematical concepts to the analysis of digital spatial data to aid in problem solving and project completion. • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in digital, mathematical, or diagram form. • Knowledge of GIS programs, software and equipment, particularly the ESRI, and AutoCAD suite of products. • Knowledge of a variety of software programs essential to MWA functions including the MS Office suite of office productivity programs. • Skill in creating hardcopy maps and applying cartographic principles. • Ability to communicate professionally in both oral and written forms. • Basic to intermediate knowledge of SQL server • Specific and detailed knowledge of the ESRI product suite: • ArcMap, ArcCatalog, Model Builder, ArcSDE, and ArcGIS Server • Familiarity with Python scripting, customizing forms in ArcPad Studio, geometric network tracing/flow analysis, VB Script, TSQL • Knowledge of a variety of software programs essential to MWA functions including the MS Office suite of office productivity programs. • Detailed knowledge of the asset management system Cityworks • Project management experience • Experience interfacing GIS (SQL) with other systems and databases

Salary: $$16.29-$24.44

Open Until: 06/30/2017

Contact Name: Kellie Giles

Contact Phone: (478) 464-5600

Contact Email:

Application Procedure:

The Macon Water Authority job application can be downloaded here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Please complete the application and submit it one of three ways, along with your resume: email to; fax to 478-741-2629; or come to our Administrative Building and complete an application. The address is 790 Second Street, Macon Georgia, 31201. Due to the high volume of applicant submissions for employment, we are unable to speak with you individually about your application. All applicants will be reveiwed and those selected for the hiring process will be contacted.




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