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The Macon Water Authority offers special service agreements to landlords of multi-family rental properties who would like to maintain water and sewer services to unoccupied units. This agreement helps landlords avoid reconnection fees when a rental unit turns over to a new tenant.

How the Landlord Service Agreement Works

  • The MWA provides continual service to unoccupied rental units, as long as the landlord adheres to the agreement by being responsible for the water service until the unit is placed under a new tenant’s name.
  • The MWA waives the $25 account establishment fee for landlords when tenants request to have service disconnected and not immediately transferred to a new tenant.
  • If a landlord requests a service disconnection without transferring it to a new tenant, they will be charged the $25 account establishment fee.

If you are interested in establishing a Landlord Service Agreement with the MWA, you may call to obtain the application and mail it to:

790 Second St/P.O. Box 108
Macon, GA 31202

Landlord Service Agreement

For questions about the Landlord Service Agreement, Call 478-464-5600.


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