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The Macon Water Authority Board Members and Staff promote transparency in public service and governance, making all reports and documents of daily business operations and policy decisions available to the public.

The MWA also maintains a proactive approach to local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. It is in the MWA’s and the public’s best interest to comply with state and federal laws regarding water and wastewater regulations.

This information is intended to help MWA customers and stakeholders better understand the services provided by the MWA in accordance with the highest industry standards and regulatory oversight.

Board Meetings and Committee Meetings

The MWA Board meets monthly on the first Thursday at 2:00 p.m. at the Authority headquarters starting with committee meetings moving into the full board meeting at the end. For more information on MWA Meetings, check out the adjacent link on this page. Meeting minutes are provided as public information and are also available via the link on this page.