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The Macon Water Authority’s sewer system requires regular maintenance and construction to ensure smooth operations for our customers.

As part of our maintenance program, the MWA has three vacuum/jet trucks that can pump and clean sewers with the use of high-pressure water.

Serving Customers in Each Basin

Macon-Bibb County is divided into 14 basins or sub-basins to ensure timely maintenance and cleaning of the sewer system. The MWA has four crews dedicated to cleaning the basins based on the condition of the pipe and the history of problems in the area.

Our Capital Improvement Plan

The MWA’s master plan for capital improvements includes a long-term goal to provide sewer connection and conveyance for all of Macon-Bibb County. Once this goal is completed, the MWA will be one of the few systems in Georgia to provide this level of comprehensive access to sewer services.

For More Information About Sewer Maintenance System, Call 478-464-5600.