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The Macon Water Authority’s water distribution system connects our customers to award-winning drinking water.

Our distribution network includes a reservoir, a treatment plant, transmission lines, pump stations, pipes, and storage facilities, all necessary to deliver safe water to our 51,000+ customers. The MWA provides customers with an average of 25+ million gallons of drinking water every day.

How Expansive is the Water Distribution System?

The finished drinking water leaving the Frank C. Amerson, Jr. Water Treatment Plant is delivered through a system of approximately 1,664 miles of water main. The MWA has mains ranging in size from 1½ inch up to 54 inches.

Not all water that is treated is delivered straight to customers. Some finished drinking water is stored in any one of the Authority’s 10 elevated storage tanks, 10 ground storage tanks, or four clear wells at the Amerson Plant. These 24 tanks hold approximately 39.9 million gallons of water in storage.

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For More Information About Water Distribution, Please Call 478-464-5600.

How is the Water Distribution System Monitored?

An advanced SCADA system, which is located within the Amerson Plant Administration Building, is utilized to monitor and control all re-pump and lift stations, as well as MWA elevated and ground storage tanks across Macon-Bibb County.

The Amerson Plant Administration Building also houses an onsite water quality lab for testing and monitoring the quality of water 24/7, during all phases of the drinking water production process – from raw water intake at the river/reservoir to finished drinking water leaving the Amerson Plant through our distribution system.