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The Macon Water Authority stores raw water from the Ocmulgee River in Javors J. Lucas Lake, located adjacent to the Frank C. Amerson, Jr. Water Treatment Plant. The reservoir also collects water runoff during major rain events.

About Javors Lucas Lake

Javors Lucas Lake can hold around 5.8 billion gallons of water at a normal full pool. The reservoir supplies around four months of raw water reserve, in the event additional raw water cannot be pumped from the Ocmulgee River.

Javors Lucas Lake is open to the public for fishing during select months and weekends of the year. You can learn more information about fishing at Javors Lucas Lake here.

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For More Information About Water Storage, Please Call 478-464-5600.

How Our Drinking Water Reservoir Complements the Treatment Plant

The Frank C. Amerson, Jr. Water Treatment Plant pumps in raw water from Javors Lucas Lake (the reservoir), which is treated through a rigorous process.

Treated drinking water exits the filters of the Amerson Plant and is stored in one of the four clear wells on site, each with five million gallons of storage capacity.

Water from these clear wells then feeds the finished water pumping station, where two water mains connect the Amerson Plant to the MWA water distribution system.

In total, the MWA has approximately 39.9 million gallons of water in storage. Of this, 20 million gallons (approximately half) are stored in the four clear wells at the Amerson Plant, while the other 19.9 million gallons are housed in the 10 elevated tanks and 10 ground storage tanks owned and operated by the Authority throughout its distribution system.