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The Macon Water Authority is committed to upgrading, improving, or expanding our facilities to provide customers with the best water and wastewater services feasible. The MWA has a long-range Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that included scheduled capital improvement projects to upgrade facilities, software, treatment processes, operations in the field, and more, to ensure the MWA has sustainable services for decades to come.

Our Latest Capital Improvements

Meter Upgrades

One of the MWA’s largest major capital improvements is a project to replace an estimated 43,375 manually read residential and non-residential water meters with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology. These meter replacements will improve our water operations and ensure accuracy of water consumption readings for our customers.

Water Storage & Pump Stations

The MWA most recently commissioned a new 3 million gallon above-ground water storage tank and a new booster pump station to better serve our customers with reliable water and sewer services.

For More Information on Our Capital Improvement Projects, Call 478-738-6532.