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The Wastewater Operations division of the Macon Water Authority includes the wastewater treatment services provided for MWA sewer customers at two water reclamation facilities. Operations also involve the proper treatment, handling, and sale or disposal of biosolids through Macon Soils, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MWA.

The Macon Water Authority’s two water reclamation facilities, the Lower Poplar and Rocky Creek Plants, are award winners for 100% permit compliance and outstanding operations.

Water Reclamation Facilities (WRF)

The Lower Poplar Street WRF is an advanced secondary wastewater treatment facility utilizing a coupled filter tower/activated sludge process. The major treatment stages at the facility involve preliminary, primary, and secondary wastewater treatment, as well as sludge handling.

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Macon Soils

Macon Soils supplies biosolids and other nutrient-rich materials to farmers as a fertilizer or lime supplement. MSI land applies around 23,000 tons of biosolids generated by the Macon Water Authority to local farmers. MSI also spreads approximately 1,000 tons of lime-rich mud annually produced by the Frank C. Amerson, Jr. Water Treatment Plant.

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