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Customers can call the Macon Water Authority at 478-464-5600 to establish an account before the start date for the requested service. The Macon Water Authority does offer same-day service connections for a $35 charge in addition to other applicable fees.

Contact MWA Customer Service Representatives at 478-464-5600.

What to Expect When Establishing an MWA Account

Most applications can be completed over the phone. However, some new customers may be required to come into our business office to provide additional documentation.

How Much Does It Cost?

An application fee of $25 is due at the time service is requested. In addition to the application fee, a security deposit may be required to establish a new account.

For residential customers, the security deposit is based on credit worthiness and may be increased, waived, or decreased. An additional deposit, up to three times the average monthly bill for water and sewer services, could be required based on past payment history.

Security deposits will be returned after one year of good payment history or when the account is closed with no balance owed. Commercial customers may call us for a deposit quote on their services.

In addition to the application fee and the security deposit, new MWA Customers may be asked to provide photo

How Can I Ensure My Property is Protected?

To protect the interior of your home or business from water damage when your account is established, please make sure all indoor faucets (including the connections to the washing machine and ice maker for your refrigerator) are turned off before service is connected.

If the field personnel arrive at the service location (your home or business) and an open faucet is found, the water service will not be turned on.

The MWA will only make one additional attempt to turn on the water without assessing an additional fee for return visits. Additional trips to the location will result in a $20 fee.

Any water damage to your property because of the water service being turned on at the meter is the responsibility of the MWA Customer.

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