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Sewer conveyance (also called sewer collection) is one of the most important services offered by the MWA. The MWA treats an average of 36 million gallons (note: subject to change annually) of wastewater every day, operating 24/7.

The MWA sewer conveyance system carries sanitary sewage to the Authority’s two water reclamation facilities at Lower Poplar Street and Rocky Creek. Our team works to ensure our sewer system is well-maintained to reduce the risk of sewer overflows or backups.

For More Information About Sewer Conveyance, Please Call 478-464-5600.

How is the MWA Sewer System Monitored?

The MWA’s 55 lift stations are all connected to a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

The SCADA system includes a network of alarms connecting the lift station to a 24-hour service desk, which will alert personnel when there are electrical power outages or other problems needing immediate maintenance attention. Signals are sent from each lift station to the central plant through radio antennas, which are located at each of the lift station sites.

The MWA also has two Closed Circuit T.V. (CCTV) crews to take video pictures of the interior condition of pipes in the system. From the inspection of these pipes through the CCTV program, MWA crews can develop prioritized maintenance projects to properly care for the sewer system.

How Sewer Conveyance Works

Wastewater collected through the MWA sewer system reaches the Lower Poplar Street or Rocky Creek Water Reclamation Facilities (for wastewater treatment) through gravity flow or pumping stations. Together, these two plants have a treatment capacity reaching 42 million gallons per day (MGD).

How Extensive is the Sewer System?

The Macon Water Authority Systems current has:

  • 1,000 miles of sanitary sewer mains
  • 55 lift stations to convey the sewer to the treatment plants
  • 23,600+ manholes
  • Eight major pumping stations