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The MWA’s Grease Management Office is staffed by two employees – a grease management coordinator and a grease management inspector.

The Grease Management and Backflow Prevention Coordinator

The Grease Management and Backflow Prevention Coordinator administers the MWA Backflow Prevention and Grease Management Program and directs its daily activities. The Grease Management portion of the office’s responsibility requires grease trap sizing determinations for commercial customers. The position also issues violations, planning & zoning permits, upgrade letters, and memos.

The Grease Management Coordinator tracks and monitors grease trap pumping manifests. The Grease Management Coordinator also revises and updates records in the Grease Management & Backflow Prevention databases and manuals, monitors the Grease Management Inspector and inspections, and fills in for the Grease Management Inspector, as needed.

The Grease Management Inspector

The Grease Management Inspector performs all grease trap and grease interceptor inspections. All grease interceptors and grease traps are inspected once per quarter. The grease management section of the Engineering Department inspects more than 1,000 grease traps every quarter.

Please see the links below for more information on grease management:

Grease Management Manual

Grease Trap Pumping & Service

The MWA has a list of grease trap pumping companies or services to assist customers, especially commercial customers such as restaurants, grocery stores, and other food establishments.

Please see the link below for a list of grease trap haulers.

Grease Trap Haulers

Contact us at 478-464-5643 for More Information About Grease Management.

Waste Haulers

The MWA also can provide references for solid waste or hazardous waste haulers to assist customers with properly disposing such materials. Please reach out for references, because improper disposal of solid or hazardous waste could harm the MWA sewer system and our environment.

Septic Tank Service Providers

For MWA water customers who may be on septic systems, the Authority also can provide a list of contacts for professionals and companies who provide septic tank maintenance and service. Maintaining a septic tank or system properly protects our environment and the water quality at the MWA.