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MWA's Supporting Role in Economic Development

As for the Macon Water Authority's (MWA) supporting role in economic development, relocation/expansion, and site selection for industries, the utility provides plentiful water and sewer capacity, the highest quality facilities and services, highly skilled professionals and technical expertise on staff, and additional benefits for companies seeking to locate in Macon and Bibb County or our surrounding service area. 

The Macon Water Authority supports economic development in Macon and Bibb County, Georgia (USA) by contributing annually to the Macon Economic Development Commission (MEDC), which helps underwrite the costs of its operations and marketing efforts.  In addition, the MWA invests more than $700,000 annually into a revolving fund for use to purchase and develop industrial sites in the area.  The MWA partners with the Macon Bibb County Industrial Authority to continually fund efforts of the MEDC for the benefit of all local governments, utilities, companies and citizens.

For those companies looking to locate in or expand within Macon and Bibb County, Georgia, site location information is readily available by contacting:

Pat Topping, CEcD

Senior Vice President

Macon Economic Development Commission

478-621-2030 (office)

478-320-9530 (cell)


For those interested in what the Macon Water Authority can do for organizations within industries that are heavy water or sewer users (requiring extensive daily treatment capacity of either), take a closer look at the Advantages of Macon Water and be sure to visit Macon Water Wealth.

The Advantages of Macon Water

There are several benefits to locating in Macon and Bibb County, but our focus here is on what the MWA offers to the economic development and site selection decision making process.  Being a customer of the Macon Water Authority (MWA) is to take advantage of the capacity, quality, and value of the water and sewer services we provide.

For our friends in food and beverage (and other industries, of course), here's a baker's dozen reasons for having confidence in us as your water/sewer utility.

1. The MWA is an award-winning regional water utility (recognized for utility excellence by the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, among others), providing services that extend well beyond the city limits of Macon and the unincorporated portions of Bibb County.

2. The MWA award-winning facilities (for permit compliance and excellence in performance) include a technologically superior water treatment facility, two wastewater treatment facilities, as well as model water distribution and sewer collection and conveyance systems, all well positioned for future growth and demand. 

3. The MWA has available capacity to accommodate twice its current production volume.  While the average daily demand for drinking water is approximately 24 millions gallons per day (MGD), the Authority has a water production capacity of more than twice that at 60 MGD at its Amerson Plant, with infrastructure in place to expand to 90 MGD when needed.  In addition, the MWA's two wastewater treatment facilities have a combined 44 MGD treatment capacity, though the current daily average demand is likewsie about half that amount.

4. Not only does the MWA have readily available capacity, the utility offers quality in its water and sewer services, evident when the MWA won the "Best Tasting Drinking Water in North America" as judged by the American Water Works Association in 2009.

5. Completing the attributes of a great water system is the value of MWA water.  Such a high quality and readily available product is provided at some of the lowest rates in the state and region, with capitalization and renewal/replacement costs already accounted for in our rate structure.

6. An added benefit of the MWA system is that it lies within the Altamaha Watershed, which is the largest in Georgia, the second largest east of the Mississippi River, and it does not border any other state.  There are no water wars of any kind when considering access to MWA water.

7. The MWA provides system operations and treatment redundancies to assure customers do not have to worry about service outtages.

8. The MWA also is a fiscally sound utility boasting the financial strength of a "Aa1" bond rating from Moody's and "AA/A-1" from Standard & Poor's, not to mention a debt coverage ratio that exceeds 2.1x.

9. The MWA invests time and resources in long-term planning to assure the utility continues to meet the needs of its current customer base as well as additional customers coming on line in the future.

10. The MWA benefits greatly from a highly trained and skilled staff of approximately 200 professionals, many of whom have achieved the highest professional standards and credentials within the water/sewer industry.

11. The MWA is an environmentally conscientious "green" organization and steward of natural resources.  As an example, the MWA was one of 6 pilot communities to join the waterSmart initiative in Georgia, beginning in 2007.

12. The MWA has an outstanding record for regulatory compliance, while anticipating and proactively enacting regulatory compliant principles yet to come.

13. Finally, the MWA has an accomplished reputation for safety and security, reflected in its role to provide excellent fire protection (water capacity and water pressure throughout its system) that helped Macon and Bibb County attain excellent marks during ISO certification.



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