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Rate Calculations for 2023

The typical residential water bill is based on service from a 5/8" customer meter. Rates vary slightly according to meter size, with base fees increasing with the size of the respective customer meter.

In 2023, MWA customers in Macon/Bibb County will pay a base fee of $9.50 for water service, when using a typical 5/8-inch residential meter. 

Consumption, or the volume of water that flows through that meter each month, is measured in 100 cubic feet; whereas, 100 cubic feet of water (1 CCF or 1 unit) is approximately 748 gallons. During 2023, charges for water consumption, or volumetric rates, are billed at $2.95 per CCF.

Those MWA customers receiving sewer services (a typical MWA water & sewer customer) with a 5/8-inch meter will pay a base fee of $9.50, plus consumption charges of $3.18 per CCF. 

Also during 2023, residential customers without an irrigation meter (or just a standard meter) will pay sewer consumption charges on only 80% of the water metered on their account each month (rounded to the nearest CCF), but for no more than 30 CCF in sewer consumption. And customers with an irrigation meter will not pay sewer consumption charges on that irrigation meter, but they will pay sewer consumption charges based off of the reading on their (standard) residential meter, but for only 95% of that metered water use each month (rounded to the nearest CCF), with no cap on this consumption. 

Finally, all MWA residential customers will be billed a flat fee of $4.99 per month for stormwater services, which is added to their water/sewer bill.

The typical family of four uses approximately 7,480 gallons, or 10 CCF, of water per month. The "2023 Sample Rate Calculations" below shows how the monthly water and sewer bill is calculated for this residential customer account during 2023, with the additional stormwater utility service fee included.

Check out the following link for the specifics about how this hypothetical customer's total bill -- for water, sewer and stormwater -- is calculated.

2023 Sample Rate Calculations for MWA Residential Customers 

Commercial and industrial customers are billed according to their actual consumption or use of water and/or sewer services, which will be applied to each bill unless they indicate they have a flow meter.

For a complete overview of rates for all MWA customers, check out the Rates, Fees, and Charges page on this website, or contact the MWA Customer Care Department at 478-464-5600.

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