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Current and past issues of the Macon Water Authority customer newsletter “Currents” are available in PDF format.  You may view them using Adobe Acrobat Reader, but if you do not currently have this application installed on your computer, click here for a free download.

Take a look at the most recent issues of our customer newsletter(s):

2019 Issues of Currents

May-June 2019 Issue of Currents

March-April 2019 Issue of Currents

January-February 2019 Issue of Currents

2018 Issues of Currents

November-December 2018 Issue of Currents

September-October 2018 Issue of Currents

July-August 2018 Issue of Currents

May-June 2018 Issue of Currents

March-April 2018 Issue of Currents

January-February 2018 Issue of Currents

2017 Issues of Currents

November-December 2017 Issue of Currents

September-October 2017 Issue of Currents

July-August 2017 Issue of Currents

May-June 2017 Issue of Currents

March-April 2017 Issue of Currents

January-February 2017 Issue of Currents

2016 Issues of Currents

November-December 2016 Issue of Currents

September-October 2016 Issue of Currents

July-August, 2016 Issue of Currents

May-June, 2016 Issue of Currents

March-April, 2016 Issue of Currents

January-February, 2016 Issue of Currents

2015 Issues of Currents

November-December, 2015 Issue of Currents

September-October, 2015 Issue of Currents

July-August, 2015 Issue of Currents

May-June, 2015 Issue of Currents

March-April, 2015 Issue of Currents

January-February, 2015 Issue of Currents

2014 Issues of Currents

November-December, 2014 Issue of Currents

September-October, 2014 Issue of Currents

July-August, 2014 Issue of Currents

May-June, 2014 Issue of Currents

March-April, 2014 Issue of Currents

January-February, 2014 Issue of Currents

2013 Issues of Currents

November-December, 2013 issue of Currents

September-October, 2013 issue of Currents

July-August, 2013 issue of Currents

May-June, 2013 issue of Currents

March-April, 2013 issue of Currents

January-February, 2013 issue of Currents

2012 Issues of Currents

November-December, 2012 issue of Currents.

September-October, 2012 issue of Currents.

July-August, 2012 issue of Currents.

May-June, 2012 issue is the 2011 CCR.

March-April, 2012 issue of Currents.

January-February, 2012 issue of Currents.

2011 Issues of Currents

November-December, 2011 issue.

September-October, 2011 issue.

July-August, 2011 issue.

May-June, 2011 issue is the 2010 CCR. 

April-May, 2011 issue.

January-February, 2011 issue.


Macon Water Authority
790 Second St.
P.O. Box 108
Macon, GA 31202-0108
(478) 464-5600
(478) 741-9146

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