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With trees, flowers, and grasses beginning to show signs of life now that spring is upon us, outdoor watering among MWA customers is sure to grow as well. Those looking for a means to water outdoors more efficiently may want to consider the advantages of adding an irrigation meter to their home or property. MWA customers who add an irrigation meter to their account pay only the tap fee and not the meter fee for installation, which results in half the startup cost of a traditional tap and set fee. Customers do have to incur a one-time additional expense to install a backflow prevention device on their side of the meter, with an annual cost to have that device tested by a registered backflow prevention tester. Customers with irrigation meters don’t pay a sewer base fee or sewer consumption charges on that irrigation meter. Sewer charges are calculated only on the water used through a traditional residential meter, and sewer consumption charges are based on only 95% of water use according to the standard meter. Irrigation meters are designed ideally for residents seeking to improve the efficiency of their overall water consumption that includes outdoor watering for landscapes. By installing an irrigation meter, gallons used for outdoor watering are diverted from the traditional residential water meter, thus eliminating the sewer charges that would otherwise be calculated according to the measured use of the standard meter. For more information on how to apply for the advantages of an irrigation meter, please contact MWA Customer Care Representatives at 478-464-5600.

While some wet wipes are marketed and sold to consumers as “flushable” items, don’t believe it! Wipes actually are NOT flushable, because they do not “break up” like traditional toilet paper. They may flush, but they do not disintegrate. In fact, according to tests conducted by Consumer Reports, “flushable” wet wipes were still intact after 10 minutes following a simulated flushing. The test then placed those same wet wipes in a mixer for another 10 minutes. Still no disintegration. As a result, Consumer Reports confirms what MWA wastewater plant operators and line crews have known for a long time – wet wipes are NOT flushable! For a demonstration of how "flushable" wet wipes do not break apart, check out the "Learn More" link to the Consumer Reports video below. Learn More »

To celebrate National Drinking Water Week in May, the MWA hosted an Open House at its award-winning Frank C. Amerson, Jr. Water Treatment Plant on Thursday May 11, 2017. Approximately 100 guests enjoyed tours of the plant to learn how the MWA produces safe, clean drinking water that has been judged the Best Tasting in North America, by the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Each year, AWWA recognizes National Drinking Water Week as an opportunity for water utilities and the communities they serve to raise awareness about the role public drinking water plays in our daily lives. For photos from this year's Amerson Water Plant Open House, check out the "Learn More" link below. Learn More »

Macon Water Authority
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