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It's not too late to winterize your water lines

While some days this winter may feature unusually warm weather, don't let that fool you into thinking freezing temperatures aren't coming back. It's not too late to take precautions to weatherize your home, which includes winterizing your water lines and irrigation systems to protect them from damage. The following list may save you time and money by preventing your pipes from freezing or your water lines from bursting, especially those hidden within irrigation systems. So, remember the following winterization tips: • Tape or wrap exposed pipes with protective insulation. • Don’t forget to insulate your water heater too, especially if it is in the garage. • Drain your entire sprinkler system after watering for the last time. • Drain all outdoor faucets as well, by turning off the shut-off valve and turning on the faucets to allow the water in the line(s) to drain completely. • Disconnect garden hoses from outdoor faucets and allow them to drain, too. • Store garden hoses in warmer places during the winter. • Always know how to shut off the main valve servicing your property, in the event a water leak or pipe burst causes flooding. For more information, check out the "Learn More" link below.

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